The municipal election is October 24th, 2022.  Vote with our future in mind!

We asked each candidate if they supported a GHG reduction goal of at least 50%* by 2030 .  Click below to see responses (if any).

*vs 2018;  this would apply to both our total community and the City of Kingston’s own operations

Bryan Paterson – no reply
Tina Fraser – Yes
Skyler McArthur-O’Blenes – no reply
Ivan Stoiljkovic – Yes

Gary Oosterhof – no reply

Paul Chaves – Yes
Jacqui Collier – Yes

Lisa Osanic – Yes
Joel Thompson – Yes

Wayne Hill – no reply
Wendy Stephen – Yes

Don Amos – no reply
Nicole Florent – Yes
Colleen Murphy – Yes
Oren Nimelman – Yes
Ashley Perna – no reply
Zachary Typhair – Yes
Sebastian Vaillancourt – no reply

Jimmy Hassan – Yes
Rob Matheson – Yes
Hanny Philip – no reply

Joseph Dowser – no reply
Tom Gingrich – no reply
Michael Judd – no reply
Darryl McIntosh – no reply
Brandon Tozzo – Yes
Keaton Zandbergen – no reply

Jeff McLaren – no reply
Michael Murphy – no reply
Jacob Wynperle – Yes

Annette Burfoot – Yes
Selina Chiarelli – no reply
Vincent Cinanni – no reply
Ian Clark – Yes
Rob Fonger – no reply

Paul Joseph Charbonneau – no reply
Conny Glenn – Yes
Rami Maassarani – no reply
Peter Stroud – Yes

Keith Bilow – no reply
Alexandria Liu – no reply
Gregory Ridge – vague yes

Ryan Nelson Boehme – no reply
Lindsay Duggan – Yes